Why are Group Workout Classes Important in the Workplace?

Working out is a crucial part of a healthy person's life. In this modern era, where everything can be done while sitting at a desk, avoiding weight gain and maintaining fitness is difficult. Moreover, the strict working hours do not leave much room for one to take an extra hour to go to a gym or a walk.
Therefore, companies that aim to keep their staff's morale high by eliminating health issues arrange in-house physical fitness classes led by certified coaches.
In this article, we will discuss the group classes and their importance for the corporate well-being.

What are Group Workout Classes?

Group workout classes (aka group fitness classes) refer to any exercise or fitness activity carried out in a workplace to keep the staff's morale high.A group class can be as big as 50 members and as small as 20 members. These classes are offered to corporate employees free of cost.

The group workout classes also give a bonding moment to the employees so they can release the workload stress and relax for a while. These classes enable employees to be fit while creating good relationships with their colleagues and having fun.

Importance of Group Classes in a Workplace:

Now that you know what the group workout classes are, let's have a look at the benefits they can give to a corporation:

  • Added Motivation:
    Motivation is the key to more promising results and high performance. By organising group fitness sessions at offices and workplaces, business owners can enable their employees to meet their goals and assigned deadlines without delays. Corporations can elevate their organisation to higher levels while preserving their best human resources.

  • Builds Confidence:
    Attending physical fitness classes at a workplace can give confidence to many who like not having all the attention on them. Moreover, they find it more affordable than having one-to-one fitness sessions. Furthermore, the new employees can get a chance to communicate with the longstanding staff, building confidence and relationships with them.

  • More Employee Attendance:
    When the organisation invests in its employees' well-being, it gives outstanding performance and outputs. Group fitness classes reduce absenteeism due to health issues extensively as everyone onboard gets enough time and opportunity to maintain their health.

  • Destress:
    As mentioned earlier, exercise is the best way to reduce stress as it boosts energy. As most of the office tasks today are performed by the computer, the employees have to spend most of their worktime sitting on a chair in front of a screen. This work routine can cause severe stress on the eyes, hands, legs, and back. Therefore, the employees can destress themselves from their strenuous routine and workload through exercise.

  • Teamwork:
    The corporate group classes can amplify teamwork as a certain group of employees have to complete a set of exercises together. This boosts the friendly environment and can lead to more determined and result-oriented co-operation in the future.

  • Better Staff Relations:
    Due to fitness sessions, new healthy relationships amongst employees can be established. The newly recruited staff gets to communicate with experienced personnel. This way, everyone can learn new things from one another and help each other elevate in their careers.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills:
    By participating in physical fitness classes at the workplace, the employees of a particular department get to know the workers in another department. This reduces the communication gaps between the different teams operating under a corporate and working to achieve the same goals.

How to Create Group Fitness Classes in the Workplace?

Arranging physical or virtual fitness sessions at the workplace may sound challenging, but it is as simple as working out in a gym. You can hire a professional or partner with a nearby gym to create fitness class groups in offices to motivate your employees to exercise.

Here are the 4 steps for you to follow to establish in-house group fitness classes at your organisation:

  • Develop Employee Interest:
    The first step to establishing group fitness classes in the workplace is encouraging employees to attend the sessions. It is crucial as arranging classes that no one attends will be pointless.
    To do so, employers should conduct surveys to identify employees' interest levels and arrange the classes accordingly. Besides, they can organise sessions to educate the workers about their well-being and the importance of working out.

  • Find a Peaceful Place:
    The next thing you need to do as an employer is to arrange a peaceful place in the office to conduct fitness sessions. Ensure that the location has proper ventilation, easy access to water, and enough room to accommodate the employees.
    Those who cannot arrange any such place onsite should consider partnering with a nearby gym, walking clubs, etc.

  • Hire Trained Professionals to Conduct Sessions:
    Although many claim to be fitness experts, they don't necessarily own a training certificate. The employer should hire a trained professional to avoid any mishap, such as injuries or other health issues caused by inappropriate exercising techniques or misuse of the equipment.

  • Conduct Health Assessments:
    Another thing a corporate should do is conduct health assessments to prove the health benefits associated with group fitness sessions to their employees. This will encourage the workers to focus more on their health, boosting their energy and outperforming their jobs.

Final Verdict:

Maintaining health and fitness is an essential thing that most of us neglect. We do not take time to exercise from our busy schedules.

People who work in offices have to sit in chair and work on computers all day, which damages their eyes and causes issues with their hands, back, and legs. In such cases, employee productivity and performance reduce significantly and adversely affect an organisation's reputation.

Therefore, arranging group workout classes is an important measure that corporates can take for their employees' well-being and make the most of their human resources.

This article discusses why group classes are important in a workplace and how one can arrange them.