Lawyers don't have time to exercise. We get it.

Transform your relationship to exercise with personalised health programs built for high-achieving, time-poor lawyers. We create a bespoke fitness programme for you to follow without the need to leave your office building.

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Create in-house fitness space

Personal Training at Your Law Firm

Say goodbye to gym commutes and hello to on-site trainers who understand the stresses of your job. The Fitness Works is your solution to exercise during the work week. With a decade of experience in the city, we empower individuals to go ‘beyond the workout’ with a holistic approach to their health.


Transform Your Office into Your Personal Fitness Studio

We assess your workout requirements and facilities available to assemble a fitness studio that caters to your every need. Our dynamic programs will leave you feeling fresher, fitter, and free from any aches and pains -– all without leaving your office.

Personal Training

Personal Assessment

Ascertain your fitness levels and focus areas by undergoing a simple health and wellness assessment that we provide for every new client.

Goal Setting

Set your health, fitness and activity goals for the short or medium term. The Fitness Works team helps you to set realistic and manageable milestones with the maxim – “if you can measure it you can manage it”.

Personal Programme

Personal programmes are tailored to achieve client's goals taking into account their exercise history, any health concerns and (as a priority) what’s fun!


Your coach will collaborate closely with you to ensure you consistently meet and exceed your targets.


Group Classes

Our group classes in HIIT and other disciplines help get your staff fitter, healthier and happier faster with the support of our dedicated coaches.


More and more people are taking an interest in nutrition. Allow us to help your team keep up with the latest scientific research to eat right for great outcomes.

Virtual Training

We work with your company to support your employees physically and mentally through virtual Personal Training and Group sessions.

Sports Massage

Don't overlook recovery-it's as vital as training itself. Recharge with our expert sports massage therapists to rejuvenate both body and mind.


"We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with The Fitness Works.  Working with TFW in the convenience of our own office enables our employees to get wellness benefits and to fit it in around their working day. The team are super reliable, the routines set for us have been well focused on what our staff want to achieve and the sessions are always varied and enjoyable.  In addition to the contact time we have with TFW they have helped us with nutritional guidance and general lifestyle improvements whilst also happy to devise plans to work on in our own time."

Mark Kelly, CEO

Senior marketing manager

"I can highly recommend the services of TFW. I have trained with Ben for over two and a half years. Whilst I noticed results very quickly, it’s the longer lasting/wholistic approach to fitness and wellbeing which makes TFW stand out. The team are as much nutritionists and life coaches as fitness instructors. A friendly and relaxed but always highly professional service. Never let us down."

Paul Simcock


"I've been training with TFW for the last 3 years including fitness and strength work as well as nutritional assistance. I have found the service to be excellent: committed, thoughtful and knowledgeable. They really care about your development and are always thinking of innovative ways of developing my training needs. The Fitness Works' commitment and ability has led to a substantial increase in the use of the office gym. I would not hesitate to recommend TFW."

Sion Richards

"I have had the opportunity to work with The Fitness Works over the last few weeks setting up a virtual fitness programme for all of our colleagues. The Fitness Works have been amazing to work with, their ethos and approach is spot on. They work in a collaborative way, from a position of partnership to support what the organisation is looking to achieve. The Fitness Works have so much passion and enthusiasm for fitness and a strong belief of linking fitness to culture, well-being and overall organisation performance. I fully recommend working with The Fitness Works, you definitely wont regret it."

Nick Maites
Interim Head of People

"The team at L&T are loving our weekly HIIT sessions with The Fitness Works over Zoom. Not only do we get a great workout, but we are also given excellent advice on nutrition and general well-being. No session is ever the same, and every session is enjoyable and rewarding. Weekly workouts with The Fitness Works have been an invaluable way to bring our team together for a really meaningful shared experience."

Huw Morris


"It was a great way to start the day!"

"Thank you, definitely appreciated the variations too, I needed them"

"That was brilliant! Well done everyone. Looking forward to the next one now!"

"Fab introduction to something new"

"Thank you. I'm challenging myself to try something new!"

"It was a great way to start the day!"

"Love the 30 mins, just a manageable amount of time and you work as hard as you can in that time. Emily is so encouraging and really like the variations if you're struggling"

"I am hoping with the angle of the camera no one could see me (smile)"

"These are a great induction for someone like me who’s not done much like this. 30mins session are ideal"

"Wasn't feeling it this morning, but that has made me feel SO much better. Thank you, that was great! (sweat) (laugh)"

"Thank you, I felt motivated throughout"

"Really, really good session. Thank you!"

"I think you really ought to push the fact that they are only 30 minutes....  much easier to commit to.  That and the fact you don't have to have your mic or camera on (pretending to be an uber gym bunny which a lot of us aren't) and you really can go at your own pace...  Ben did a really good job of showing easier and more difficult versions"

"Glad I wasn't on camera :P"

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Group Classes

Why group classes are
important in a workplace.

Working out is a crucial part of a healthy person's life. In this modern era, where everything can be done while sitting at a desk, avoiding weight gain and maintaining fitness is difficult. Moreover, the strict working hours do not leave much room for one to take an extra hour to go to a gym or a walk.

Therefore, companies that aim to keep their staff's morale high by eliminating health issues arrange in-house physical fitness classes led by certified coaches.

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Personal Training in the Workplace!

Boost productivity and well-being at work with The Fitness Works: Your Workplace Personal Training Solution! Say goodbye to gym commutes, and hello to on-site trainers who cater to individual or group sessions. With a decade of experience in the city, we empower companies to foster a culture of health and vitality for thriving workplaces!We analyse your company's unique needs to create engaging programs that elevate employee wellness. Boost corporate morale through improved health and fitness. Our flexible ideas can be fully or partially funded by the company, included in benefits packages, or even opt-in paid by employees for a happier, healthier workforce.



Wellness programmes facilitate staff recruitment and retention.


Reduced absenteeism due to improved health, wellbeing and morale.


Increase employee focus, productivity & concentration.


I'll help you create a cohesive, standout brand that brings a fresh approach to a saturated industry, and helps you grow faster.


I'll help you create a cohesive, standout brand that brings a fresh approach to a saturated industry, and helps you grow faster.


I'll help you create a cohesive, standout brand that brings a fresh approach to a saturated industry, and helps you grow faster.